The Clear Select's Selection Process consists of four main phases covering ten key steps when followed provides the best qualified vendor in the least time and lowest cost.

This phase allows Clear Select to understand your business and technology strategies covering the major processes your business employs to compete in the market.  To better understand the drivers this phase may include Business Process Improvement (BPI) by the mapping of current business processes followed by remapping to improve the processes using modern technology.  The major deliverables are the understanding of your key decision drivers (with or without BPI), the creation of the selection team and the identification of the vendor long list of ten or so vendors (the candidates).

This phase includes the education of the selection team, issuing a request for information (RFI) based on the key decision drivers to the vendors on the long list, the determination of the detailed requirements for each functional area of the business and the identification of the short list (contenders) of vendors that includes three to six vendors.

Key deliverables during this phase are detail scripts by function, creation of example data, a two to three day demonstration schedule for each vendor, scoring by the selection team of each vendor's demonstration,  interview vendors' reference clients, evaluating implementation abilities and the Selection Team's ranking the vendors are some of the deliverables from this phase.

Pricing and contract items are negotiated with the finalists including software licenses, maintenance, support and implementation.  The final decision matrix is completed and the winning vendor is finalized.