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Mach V Motor Sports, LLC

          Experienced a 295% 1 year return-on-investment

          Improved order accuracy from a few errors a day, to less than 3 per year

          Improved overall business productivity by 55%

          Saved 30% of staffís time which was previously spent chasing down order stays


Light Computers

          Reduced inventory tied up in returns by over 50%

          Reduced sales discrepancies and errors by over 30%

          Increased overall business productivity by 80%

          Experienced a 60% time saving in processing orders from customers

          Experienced a 40% time saving in time required to manage the accounting books

          Saw a 70% improvement in inventory management efficiency and accuracy

          Saw an overall 65% return on investment through time and costs saved, increased efficiencies, and incremental sales volume


Fischer Skis

          Operational staff productivity increased by 25% through eliminating data entry redundancies and errors inherent in a disparate multi-system environment

          Improved sales managersí operating performance by allowing them to run reports exactly the way they wanted. Financial reports that used to take 2 days to run, now take 2 seconds.

          Reduced order fulfillment process by 24-48 hours through Everestís integrated system

          Increased daily orders online by 70%

          Improved productivity and efficiency in the shipping department by 500%

          Saved 3 person-hours daily by storing item descriptions in HTML


BPS Reprographics

          Improved overall operating efficiency by 75% by having real-time access to information that previously required manual requests, incurred significant delays, and was often outdated

          Significant cost savings through Everestís turnkey web store templates. It took the company 15 minutes to build the website using Everest, a process which otherwise would have taken 5 developers several months.



          Doubled productivity in 2 years, recording record profits in its 13 year history

          Cut 90% of the order processing time through Everestís integration of accounts, sales orders, web orders, inventory and fulfillment

          Received a 1 year return on investment of 285% with a 4 month payback period

          Saved the owner 2 hours per day troubleshooting order anomalies


Action Fanatics

          Doubled daily productivity from a maximum of 90 orders daily to over 200 orders daily without any additional manpower

          Experienced a 100% return on investment within 7 weeks

          Reduced excess inventory costs by $20,000

          Saved 8 man-hours daily through Everestís comprehensive, automated and integrated capabilities

          Increased average order size by 30% through Everestís cross-sell feature


De La Concha Tobacconist

          Tripled online revenues since adopting Everest

          Reduced time required to reconcile bank accounts by 2 hours per day


OFM, Inc

          Experienced a 537% 1 year return on investment with a 10 week payback period

          Saw a 50% increase in total business efficiency and the ability to handle twice the volume in the warehouse whilst reducing administrative overhead

          Saved 24 man-hours per week and $87,000 per year on running business reports

          Reduced inventory levels by 12% due to Everestís real-time inventory tracking abilities


Pleasurable Piercings

          Experienced a 100% return on investment within 8 weeks

          Saved over 75% of inventory management time and overhead

          Increased online sales by 500% as a percentage of total revenues over recent years

          Quadrupled order processing efficiency and sustained growth with 75% less staff

          Save 30% of time for the general manger, enabling him to focus on business growth strategies

          Experienced a 100% rise in sales, 500% increase in customers and eliminated virtually all charge-backs in the first 6 months of implementing Everest

          Added 2,000 new customers in one month


Winotek Ltd.

          Experienced a 650% 1 year return on investment with a 2 month payback period

          Experienced a 90% increase in the accuracy of inventory management

          Increased the average order value by 15%

          Managed a 300% increase in volume with a 30% decrease in staff

          Saved 15 man-hours a week in inventory tracking

          Saved $9,000 with a 60% reduction in accounts receivable


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